Marketplace Profile – Lorenzo Davis

Name: Lorenzo Davis
Phone: 224.477.9323
Affiliation Checkmate Champions – CEO and Founder
USChess/FIDE Rating: USCF: 1625
Areas Served: All of Chicago and Indiana


Hello my name is Lorenzo Davis. I have a great deal of experience teaching and coaching chess. I have been a full time teacher since 2010. I was a Lead Instructor at an organization call Chess Wizards for 5 years starting in 2010.

Currently, I am the founder of Checkmate Champions and have been CEO since 2014.I am also the chess summer camp coordinator for Skokie. I have worked for over 100 schools and taught more than 5000 students


Please feel to contact my references for additional information regarding my skills and experience

  • Sedrick Prude
  • Crystal Van Hyning ( Skokie Coordinator)



My fees start at $75/hour