Marketplace Profile – Joseph Fennessey

Name: Joseph Fennessey
Phone: 773.759.2140
USChess/FIDE Rating: USCF: 1957
Rates and Fees $50/Hour
Areas Served: South Chicago


Hello my name is Joseph Fennessey. I have been teaching a class of about 15 students at Gallistel Language Academy once a week since March. Before that, I did one-on-one coaching once a week for two years. I also coached my high school chess club. I would prefer to work with middle-school or high-school children who already have a grasp of the rules and basic concepts. The older and/or more advanced the students, the better.

Feel free to reach out to my references for additional information on my skills and experience

  • Jose Garza
  • Bill Feldman
  • Len Webber