Marketplace Profile – Jacob Levin

Name: Jacob Levin
Phone: 847.946.1624
USChess/FIDE Rating: USCF: 1581
Fees/Rate: $40/Hour
Areas Served: All of Chicago

Hello my name is Jacob Levin. I have taught privately in one on one sessions for beginners
Instructed after-school classes with 6-15 students ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. My USCF rating is 1581, but this is out of date. My strength is around 1900. My listed rate is $40/hour, but that fluctuates based on group size. In addition to teaching and playing chess I also founded the Glenbrook North High School chess team


Please feel free to contact my references for more information regarding my skills and experience

Howard Fishbein

  • Head of Morgan Park High School chess club

Michael Campbell

  • Sponsor of Glenbrook North High School chess team