Marketplace Profile – Bill Brock

Name: Bill Brock
Phone: 773.294.1709
Company/Affiliation: Chicago Chess Center
USChess/FIDE Rating: USCF: 2048
Areas Served: Chicago/Northern Suburbs


Hello my name is Bill Brock. I have been teaching individual students and small groups for the past fifteen years. Through my instruction I emphasize understanding chess, not simply short-term results. Taking students from 800 to 1700 is my sweet spot. When students get “too strong” for me, I refer them to stronger instructors.



$80/hour for individual lessons; higher for groups. All fees donated to Chicago Chess Center, a 501(c)(3) organization. Discounts / free lessons for students & organizations with financial need.


Please feel free to contact my references for more information regarding my experience and expertise.

Mesgen Amanov


Dmitry Gurevich