2017-2018 Rook Rattle and Roll

ROOK RATTLE AND ROLL (Introducing Sustainable Chess Programs to K-8 Schools)

We know that chess teaches important life skills and we want to give that opportunity to thousands of children living in Chicago. Many schools have an interest in chess, but don’t have the money, equipment or expertise to start a sustainable program.

If you represent a student population interested in applying for the Rook, Rattle & Roll program, please start by filling out this form.

Please, donate now.            Any funds raised will be put toward helping as many schools as possible.


Tiered coaching, in which instruction is offered at multiple levels of difficulty, is essential to building competitive excellence in Chicago’s schools. That is what Pawns to Queens is all about. The best way to do so is to add coaches to existing clubs in the best position to benefit. In most cases, this means clubs with significant numbers of players who know the basics (the rules and general principles of strategy and positional chess) and are ready to advance to the next level. The program will make available $1000 of new coaching to schools not presently able to afford it.

Please donate now and select the Pawns to Queens program.


CCF host free scholastic chess tournaments for Chicagoland students in grades K-12. Find out more about upcoming and past tournaments.


CCF hosts free summer camps, giving Chicago students opportunities to enhance their skills during the summer holiday. Each day during camp participants will benefit from tiered coaching, interactive lessons, and opportunities to compete against players from all over the city. Click the following link to find out more about Summer Camps 2018.



CCF will provide trained high school and college chess players to serve as coaches, mentors, tournament directors, and club assistants.  Fellows will receive credit for community service.

 Coaching Marketplace. CCF has set up a transparent online marketplace designed to offer schools choices when they select coaches and service providers. Visit our recently launched Marketplace for Chess Trainers.