2016 YCFC/CCF – February K-8 chess tournament

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Date(s) - 2016/02/20
8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Rickover Naval Academy



Many thanks to the 422 K-8 players representing 47 teams that attended this year’s tournament at Rickover Naval Academy. This was a record turnout for YCFC, eclipsing the previous high of 406 set at Northside College Prep in 2012!


Novice Section: Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade – Individual

Number Name Team Points Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Lulla, Asha Skinner North 5.0 W20 W16 W15 W6 W4
2 Raj, Ria Aurora CC 5.0 -B- W54 W27 W5 W3
3 Poorman, Grant Sacred Heart 4.0 W52 W22 W13 W7 L2
4 Walsh, Lucas Edgebrook 4.0 W54 W19 W17 W8 L1
5 Hong, Joaquin Decatur 4.0 W48 W18 W10 L2 W17
6 Flores, Rogelio Burbank 4.0 W51 W23 W9 L1 W24
7 Hong, Sophie Edison 4.0 W40 W50 W11 L3 W15
8 Bombe, Paulo Waters 4.0 W53 W34 W12 L4 W21
9 Suteu, Robert Edgebrook 4.0 W47 W20 L6 W18 W23
10 Duffy, Tommy Waters 4.0 W63 W41 L5 W19 W22
11 Chui, Evan Skinner North 4.0 W55 W51 L7 W29 W25

Novice Section: Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade – Team (top 4 player scores used)

Number Team Points
1 Skinner North (5) 15.0
2 Burbank (7) 12.5
3 Decatur (7) 12.5
4 Waters (7) 12.5
5 Edgebrook (6) 12.0

Other participating K-2 teams: Nobel, Kinzie, Bateman, Aurora CC, Earle STEM, Peirce, West Ridge, Romona (Wilmette), Sacred Heart, Edison, Park View (Morton Grove), Clarke (St. Joseph, MI), Bell, Gallistel, Oscar Mayer, St. John de la Salle, Francis Xavier Warde, Pritzker, Farnsworth, Oriole Park

Novice Section: 3rd and 4th Grade – Individual

Number Name Team Points Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Oberai, Anisha Aurora CC 5.0 W28 W7 W90 W6 W8
2 Yang, Mengzi Lenart 5.0 W30 W16 W66 W27 W5
3 Suarez, Ivan Bateman 4.5 W62 W72 W10 D4 W12
4 Sandrana, Rishi Edison 4.5 W76 W55 W14 D3 W23
5 Onofre, Adrian Burbank 4.0 W46 W52 W19 W15 L2
6 Onofre, Jose Burbank 4.0 W36 W38 W11 L1 W27
7 To, James Decatur 4.0 W51 L1 W35 W39 W29
8 Lim, Daniel Skinner North 4.0 W87 W25 W83 W21 L1
9 Rosado, Luke Bateman 4.0 W96 W18 L12 W31 W28
10 Caropreso, Nathan Wildwood 4.0 W34 W24 L3 W36 W63
11 Hasher, Mohammad Goudy 4.0 W91 W17 L6 W71 W32
12 Sotomayor, Santiago Burbank 4.0 W95 W106 W9 W33 L3
13 Ellis, P. Preston Skinner North 4.0 W31 W20 L21 W53 W34
14 Stiles, Paul Skinner North 4.0 W65 W35 L4 W62 W42
15 Mangiullo, Jake Wildwood 4.0 W73 W65 W29 L5 W41
16 Neely, Paul Skinner North 4.0 W86 L2 W72 W70 W37
17 Feinberg, Jonah Skinner North 4.0 W53 L11 W57 W40 W77
18 Baurer, Simon Skinner North 4.0 W93 L9 W67 W83 W33
19 Landiza, Angelo Beaubien 4.0 W32 W96 L5 W77 W62
20 Kim, William Edison 4.0 W106 L13 W93 W63 W64

Novice Section: 3rd and 4th Grade – Team (top 4 player scores used)

Number Team Points
1 Skinner North (9) 16.0
2 Bateman (9) 15.5
3 Burbank (5) 14.0
4 Wildwood (7) 12.5
5 Waters (13) 12.5
6 Edgebrook (4) 12.0
7 Newberry (13) 11.5
8 Gallistel (6) 11.5
9 Kinzie (5) 10.5

Other participating 3-4 teams: Oriole Park, Nobel, Edison, Goudy, Lenart, Earle STEM, West Park, Altus,
West Ridge, Peirce, Aurora CC, Beaubien, Decatur, South Loop, Farnsworth, Monroe, Cook, Bridgeport Catholic Academy, Hammond

Novice Section: 5th and 6th Grade – Individual

Number Name Team Points Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Kujawa, Philip Lenart 5.0 W26 W24 W10 W5 W3
2 Nunez, Angel Burbank 5.0 W25 W6 W21 W23 W15
3 Salas, Christopher Bateman 4.0 W55 W18 W22 W4 L1
4 Besa, Armando Edgebrook 4.0 W45 W7 W37 L3 W29
5 Saenz, Christian Goudy 4.0 W58 W9 W54 L1 W22
6 Rahman, Mohammad Goudy 4.0 W36 L2 W39 W56 W34
7 Valle, Jesus Noble 4.0 W8 L4 W84 W27 W23
8 Castillo, Maximilian Skinner North 4.0 L7 W30 W57 W36 W16
9 Andino, Aaron Bateman 4.0 W35 L5 W71 W38 W28
10 Ortiz, Amanda Edgebrook 4.0 W84 W79 L1 W25 W32
11 Oberai, Tarika Aurora CC 4.0 W90 W48 W27 L15 W33
12 Terrell, Howard Cook 4.0 W93 W58 D15 D16 W24
13 Ahn, Andrew Edgebrook 4.0 W19 L21 W61 W54 W40
14 Schultz, Charles Oriole Park 4.0 L54 W62 W85 W60 W31

Novice Section: 5th and 6th Grade – Team (top 4 player scores used

Number Team Points
1 Edgebrook (9) 15.5
2 Bateman (6) 14.5
3 Goudy (8) 14.5
4 Burbank (6) 13.0
5 Oriole Park (9) 12.5
6 Cook (6) 12.5
7 Skinner North (6) 12.5
8 Nobel (6) 12.0
9 Newberry (9) 10.0

Other participating 5-6 teams: Waters, Gallistel, Altus, Bell, Beasley, Earle STEM, Hammond, Kanoon, Peirce, Kinzie, Lenart, Aurora CC, Stone, St. Procopius, Beaubien, St. John de la Salle, Farnsworth, West Ridge, Ogden International, West Park

Novice Section: 7th and 8th Grade – Individual

Number Name Team Points Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Johnson, Joshua Earle STEM 5.0 W26 W7 W17 W6 W4
2 Deller, Tyrone Earle STEM 4.5 D32 W9 W35 W34 W5
3 Martin, Tony Ogden International 4.5 D35 W40 W32 W33 W15
4 Straight, Daysha Cook 4.0 W27 W55 W19 W8 L1
5 Ortiz, Izellah Kinzie 4.0 W44 W13 W12 W16 L2
6 Gopar, Jonathan Hammond 4.0 W18 W23 W42 L1 W16
7 Codamon, Elizabeth Kinzie 4.0 W36 L1 W48 W41 W22
8 Lowe, Semaj Earle STEM 4.0 W63 W36 W20 L4 W18
9 Frellick, Sam Newberry 4.0 W67 L2 W44 W21 W25
10 Cisneros, Gabby Kinzie 4.0 W52 W37 D33 D15 W28
11 Alexander, Saenz Goudy 4.0 W62 L16 W39 W19 W17

Novice Section: 7th and 8th Grade – Team (top 4 player scores used)

Number Team Points
1 Earle STEM (8) 17.0
2 Kinzie (4) 15.0
3 Bell (4) 12.5
4 Altus (7) 12.5
5 Goudy (4) 12.5
6 Cook (5) 12.0
7 Newberry (7) 11.0

Other participating 7-8 teams: Waters, Hammond, Beasley, Nobel, Beaubien, St. John de la Salle, West Ridge, Ogden International, Gallistel, Oriole Park, Whitney Young AC

Advanced Section: Individual

Number Name Team Points Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Percastegui, Daniel Goudy 5.0 W65 W16 W5 W3 W11
2 Balal, Muhammad Goudy 5.0 W42 W41 W14 W17 W4
3 Kaplan, Avi Decatur 4.0 W13 W6 W39 L1 W15
4 Wong, Ryan Lane Tech 4.0 W8 W18 W27 W21 L2
5 Ahmed, Umair Bateman 4.0 W20 W23 L1 W39 W21
6 Nguyen, Jimmy Bateman 4.0 W7 L3 W42 W52 W17
7 Parkel, Rob Norwood Park 4.0 L6 W35 W53 W18 W14
8 Oberai, Aditya Aurora CC 4.0 L4 W46 W40 W30 W24
9 Oberai, Vikram Aurora CC 4.0 L15 W40 W31 W20 W19
10 Zivanovic, Jana Bateman 4.0 L49 W54 W43 W38 W33

Advanced Section: Team (top 3 player scores used)

Number Team Points
1 Goudy (6) 13.0
2 Bateman (10) 12.0
3 Decatur (8) 10.0

Other participating Advanced teams: Whitney Young AC, Aurora CC, Skinner North, Edgebrook, Lane Tech AC, Kinzie, Gallistel, Ogden International, Lenart, Burbank, Norwood Park, Clarke (St. Joseph, MI), Coonley, Park View (Morton Grove), Waters, Beaubien, Cook, Keller, Benjamin (Bloomington)

Compiled results with team standings (PDF)

Raw results (XLS)


This attendence record-breaking K-8 chess tournament was made possible by a team effort of YCFC and CCF volunteers along with the staff and cadets at Rickover. Special thanks to Principal Perez and Superintendent Biela for making it all possible!

The ICA has a nice write up about the tournament. Check it out.

Competition Configuration

5 Sections: Novice K-2, Novice 3-4, Novice 5-6, Novice 7-8, Advanced

Non-rated, no entry fee
Swiss-style, 5 rounds, USCF standard tiebreaks
G/20 + 5 sec. increment in Advanced section when clocks are available
Notation required in the Advanced section
Sets provided


Individual trophies to the top 7 in all sections. Team trophies
to the top two teams in all sections. Team score calculated by top
four scores in novice sections, top three scores in advanced.

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[bstraprow_column]Chief Tournament Director:[/bstraprow_column]
[bstraprow_column]Mike Cardinale[/bstraprow_column]
[bstraprow_column]Chief Floor Director:[/bstraprow_column]
[bstraprow_column]Stefan Buschnyj[/bstraprow_column]
[bstraprow_column]Equipment Manager:[/bstraprow_column]
[bstraprow_column]John Lee[/bstraprow_column]