December Tournament Roundup by Bill Feldman

campaign announcementAttracting nearly 300 players, CCF held its second tournament of the 2017-2018 season December 16 at Washington High School in the far southeast of Chicago. Approximately 1400 students attend Washington High, located in a well-maintained residential district several hundred yards from the Indiana border.

For Skinner North Classical, the 20-mile drive was well-worth the effort as the CPS school claimed two of the five individual championships and four of the five top team awards.

Skinner North won the Advanced Section with 10.0 from three players, a half-point better than Beaubien and Decatur Classical. Beaubien claimed the second place trophy with the superior tiebreak.

But it was Layla Rodriguez of Bateman who earned the Advanced section championship, after she drew Beaubien’s Dimitrios Deligiannis in the final round, generating the better tiebreak as both compiled 4.5/5’s.

Lenart’s Journey Jackson grabbed the third place trophy after posting the top tiebreak in the three-person 4.0 score group. Journey’s only loss came to Layla. Skinner North teammates Andy Cao and Jack Heller also posted 4.0’s to earn fourth and fifth place awards.

Decatur’s Josephine Swan – another victim to Layla – earned sixth place with a 3.5 tally.

29 individuals and seven multi-player teams competed in the Advanced section.

Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy had one entry in the event – but that was enough to claim the 7th and 8th Grade Novice individual championship thanks to Aidan Gentil’s perfect 5.0 score. Aidan ran the table outscoring 10 players with 4.0 scores.

Earning the second through fifth place trophies in the group were Pablo Casals’ Jehu Sotelo, Bateman’s Aaron Andino, Gallistel’s David Perez, and Cook’s Tamaria Reasnover. Also earning trophies in the section were William Whitaker of St. Ethelreda and Didier Vargas, also of Gallistel.

Also earning 4.0’s — and legitimately tying for second place — were medalists Charles Prude, Cholpon Nurgazieva and Carlos Martinez.

Gallistel garnered the top team score in Novice 7-8 with 13.5 from their top four players. Morgan Park was two points back with 11.5 while Casals School of Excellence finished with 11.0 for third place.

A whopping 59 players and 13 multi-player teams competed in the 7-8’s.

Francis Xavier Warde’s lone entry in the Novice 5-6 was Chetan Cherukuri, one of three players with perfect 5.0 scores in the section.

Chetan’s tiebreak edged Balin Nayyar (Skinner West) and Julia Kim (Bell School). An 11-way tie for fourth place included Quentin DeSanto of Pritzker as the top tiebreak.

Skinner North posted the high team tally for the section with 16.0, ahead of Bateman’s 14.0 and St. Ethelreda’s 13.0.

84 individuals and 14 multi-player teams competed in the Novice 5-6.

In the lone playoff game, Elain Chao of Skinner North defeated Evan Lee of Skinner West to earn top honors in the Novice 3-4. Both had posted perfect 5.0 tallies. Skinner North ran away with the team championship with 18.0 (out of a possible 20), as Matthew Chang and Niccollo Lozada posted 4.5’s (drawing head to head in the final round). SN teammates Mitchell Abe and Noah Shankman posted 4.0’s to earn fifth and sixth place trophies while Keller’s Justin Zhang also scored 4.0 with a lower tiebreak to garner 7th place.

Skinner West’s Paras Cherukuri, Beaubien’s Gabriel Pomian and Peirce’s Nathan Wong also scored 4.0’s in the 69-player Novice 3-4.

51 players faced off in the K-2 Novice section with Leo Hartstein of – you guessed it – Skinner North earning the lone 5.0 score.

Leo’s teammate Alec Oseledets and Mahanth Sivakumar of Fox Valley Chess Club posted 4.5’s after drawing head-to-head in the third round. Alec had a better tiebreak to earn second place while Mahanth won third place.

Six players tied for fourth place with 4.0’s, with home-schooled Hili Bareket earning the top tiebreak.

Again Skinner North ran away with the team title with 16.5 from the top four of its 13 players. Pritzker claimed second place with 9.0, Azuela third with 8.0 and Fox Valley 7.5 from two players. Combined Pritzker, Azuela and Fox Valley entered 11 players in the Novice K-2.

The CCF calendar continues January 13, 2018 at De La Salle Institute.

Formerly known as YCFC, CCF competitions such as the one hosted at Washington are free and open to all K-8 players. Generous volunteer time and donations allow for the presentation of a robust trophy array and smooth tournament operations.

As the 2017 tax year concludes, please consider a well-timed tax deduction supporting chess across the Chicagoland community.

Publisher’s Note: Full results are posted, here.