Coaching Tools Made by CCF & ICA

CCF and the Illinois Chess Association have worked together in recent months on three new products designed to explain the fundamentals of youth chess coaching. The coaching tools are aimed at making the process of organizing youth chess teams easier and more fun.

Both groups are committed to building new chess clubs and strengthening those that exist. Central to that process, they believe, are useful tools that will make it easier to recruit and train new coaches.

The new coaching tools are all free and downloadable on the CCF and ICA websites.

a handbook coaching tool

Coaching fundamentals are the focus of “Teaching Chess to Groups,” a handbook which lays out a philosophy of how to keep kids engaged and describes useful techniques, including tips on teaching with computers.

a curriculum coaching tool

“Beginner & Intermediate Chess” is a detailed, self-sufficient curriculum containing approximately 50 lessons on what the groups consider the basics of learning to be a respectable player. It has been edited by active coaches and top caliber players.

PGN coaching tool

The third new coaching tool, potentially the most innovative, is a PGN (Portable Game Notation) file of the curriculum’s 152 board diagrams. It will allow coaches who teach with a computer, with a single mouse click, to produce any of the curriculum’s board diagrams in a playable format, so that students can play out and compare multiple moves and lines. The format is particularly well-suited to interactive smart boards, but will work with a projector and most laptops loaded with common chess software.


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Direct links to the mentioned materials:
Teaching Chess to Groups (PDF)
Beginner & Intermediate Chess (PDF)
Beginner & Intermediate Chess Chess Diagrams (PGN) 
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They can also be accessed from our Resources webpage.

Special thanks to Jerry Neugarten, Florin Felecan, Bill Brock and David Franklin for their instrumental contributions to the development of these educational endeavors.

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